Celebrating success and the power of video in awards entries

It’s an exciting time at Digital Leopard! We’ve recently secured our place as finalists in the ‘Service Excellence’ category of the SME Surrey Business Awards. This achievement is incredibly meaningful to us, particularly as newcomers to the Surrey area. It is a fantastic opportunity to connect with and learn from other remarkable local businesses.

Being in the finals shines a light on our dedication to exceptional customer service. However, it also brings into focus our secret power, when it comes to awards entries: the magic of video. A well-crafted video can be a game-changer for awards entries, providing compelling evidence to judges and encapsulating your business’s essence in a way text alone cannot.

Why video is a vital tool for awards entries

  • Concise Storytelling: In awards entries, you often have limited space and time to make an impact. Video enables you to tell a comprehensive story in a succinct and engaging way, ensuring you cover all the key points without overwhelming the judges.
  • Showcasing Real Impact: Videos, particularly customer testimonials, are powerful. They offer genuine, heartfelt accounts of your service’s impact, bringing to life the experiences and satisfaction of your clients in a way words might struggle to convey.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Insights: A behind-the-scenes video of your operations can offer judges a peek into your company culture, work environment, and the team that drives your success. It’s a vivid portrayal of your business’s heartbeat.
  • Demonstrating Products or Services: For businesses with physical products or demonstrable services, a video can effectively showcase your offerings in action. This can be particularly impactful for judges to understand the practical application and benefits of what you offer.
  • Highlighting Achievements and Milestones: A video timeline of your company’s journey, including key achievements and milestones, can be a compelling addition to your entry, illustrating growth and commitment over time.

Our approach to video in awards entries

At Digital Leopard, our experience has taught us that the right video can speak volumes. Whether we prepare our own entry or work with other businesses to produce theirs, we’re utilizing our expertise to craft a narrative that captures the essence of the business. We understand the nuances of creating an awards entry video that is not just informative but also emotionally resonant and visually captivating.

We’re looking forward to the awards ceremony and to further embedding ourselves in the Surrey business community. Keep your fingers crossed for us. 🙂

Kat Bhat
Digital Leopard

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